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The Breed


Breed Standard


Within the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) purebred dog registration system, the country of origin, which is Germany in this case, determines the breed standard for all countries within the organization: FCI breed standard


Due to its uniqueness in hunting, the Teckel with 9 separate breeds, occupies an entire group (FCI group 4). There are 3 sizes in 3 coats.

Since the Teckel is considered a hunting dog, the breed standard, thus its conformation, has been developed to support its function in hunting.


The sizes are based on the chest circumference measured right behind the elbows at a minimum age of 15 months:

< 30 cm     Kaninchenteckel

30-35 cm   Zwergteckel

> 35 cm     Standardteckel   

Each size comes in shorthair, wirehair, and longhair.



Several English-speaking countries have adopted different breed standards:

The (British) Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

Canadian Kennel Club